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 How long is delivery? And what services you use?
We deliver in following terms: Lithuania 1-2 Days Latvia, Estonia 2-3 Days Rest of Europe 1-2 weeks USA 3-4 weeks For Delivery we use DPD in Baltics - courier delivery services Rest of world - Lithuania Post - post delivery services
 Are you manufacturer of scents?
Yes we manufacture in our facilities in Europe.
 How long do scents last?
SENSUM CAR Perfume will last at least 1488 hours (62 days). Usually it performs 2-4 months.
 Tell me more about payments
All Payments are safe We Accept Credit Cart, Paypal, Wire Transfer Prices Include VAT
 Can I reuse bottle again?
No its not recommended because wood pores are clogged and scent is not perfoming.
 Instructions how to use Car scents?
Car scent with hangable bottle. USER MANUAL: 1. Unscrew wooden cover and remove protective cap from the vial. 2. Tighten wooden cover firmly. 3. Pull the wooden bubble against the wooden cover. 4. To hang the bottle make sure that it is at least 3 cm away from the mirror. 5. Flip the bottle for 1-2 seconds to let scent absorb. 6. Flip the bottle again and hold it straight to avoid spilling of the liquid. CAUTION: Always keep air freshener in vertical position. In case of spillage clean the liquid immediately. Liquid can damage surfaces. Store and use at 3°C iki 30°C temperature. Keep out of reach from children. Manufacturer is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to improper use of this product. Valid for 12 months from opening date. Smells up to 90 days.