Hand and surface disinfectant 5l
Hand and surface disinfectant 5l
Hand and surface disinfectant 5l

Hand and surface disinfectant 5l

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Detergent / care product for professional use - isopropanol based disinfectant.

This disinfectant is a personal hygiene disinfectant suitable for hands and surfaces.

Disinfectant not for direct human use; food disinfectant (biocide type 1, 2, 4). For professional users only. Hygienic hand disinfection in public facilities and catering establishments; for quick disinfection of small surfaces, equipment, inventory other than medical equipment in health care facilities (procedural and dental offices, nursing homes, etc.), public facilities (hairdressing salons, beauty and tattoo shops, etc.) and catering establishments. Cannot be used to treat wounds and damaged skin. Do not come into direct contact with food. Read instruction manual and safety data sheet before use.

Authorization of the biocidal product (No. (10-14 17.5) BSV-15320 (A-010204PNO603370-19-264)) is valid through 2024-08-01.

Names of active substances, CAS and EC numbers

Propan-2-ol, CAS no. 67-63-0, EC no. 200-661-7; alkyl (C 12-16) dimethylbenzylammonium chloride, CAS no. 68424-85-1 EC no. 270-325-2.

For professional use only. Use only in well-ventilated areas, in areas with exhaust ventilation, in strict accordance with the instructions for use. Comply with general rules for handling chemicals. Do not mix with other chemical products. Do not eat, drink or smoke during use. Prevent the creation of airborne concentrations of vapors above the exposure limits.

  • Content: Bottle 5l
  • Made in Lithuania, EU
Hand and surface disinfectant 5l